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​​​​​Before Tanning

1. Bring dark loose fitting clothing to wear after tan is applied. For tanning You may wear a swim suit or under

garment. No silk, wool, rayon, leather, nylon or spandex. Bring flip Flops.

2.Waxing, shaving, facials, medi/ped should be done around 24 hours before your tan.

3.moisturize your skin the night before, especially wrists, elbows, knees, ankles and feet. The most common cause of a patchy tan is dry skin.

4. Shower and exfoliate your skin by using a quality scrub (No Dove Products) to wash away dead skin cells before your spray tan.

5.Skin should be clean of any deodorant, make up, lotion or perfume before your spray tan.

After your Spray Tan

1.After you have the tan applied, try to avoid washing your hands for at lease 3 hours.

2.Do not wear tight clothes for at lease 4 hours. Tight clothes will prevent the tan from developing properly. Do not exercise as this changes the chemical balance of the spray solution.

3.After  6 to 8 hours you can shower, Use an alcohol free body wash, do not exfoliate the skin.

4. After you shower, pat dry your skin. do not rub. Moisturize your skin as often as possible to prolong your spray tan. Use lotions that do not have mineral oil. No Dove products. The spray tan will last 7 to 10 days if you hydrate your skin often. Tan extenders can prolong your tan.

5.Try and avoid long hot tubs, swimming pools and the blue ocean for extended periods of time as this will cause the spray tan to fade faster. 

​6. Always use Sun screen while in the sun.

We hope this information is helpful and you will enjoy your tan!

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