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Please check off all that apply:

Thank you for visiting Suns Up Spray Tanning Studio. We believe your body is the temple of your spirit. As you experience the spray tan treatment your wellness and well being is our utmost priority. Spray tanning is accomplished by application of a solution containing DHA (Dihyroxyacetone). DHA is considered to be safe and has been FDA approved. All skin types are different. All ingredients used in this procedure are intended for cosmetic use and generally regarded as safe. There are however, occasions where individuals may be allergic to one or more ingredients in the spray solutions. Please read the ingredients list if you have concerns or allergies.

Please inform me of any known medical condition you may have. By initialing below, you also agree to keep Suns Up Spray Tanning Studio updated as to any changes in your medical condition, and you agree that Suns Up Spray Tanning Studio (Carolann Silveira) shall not be liable should you fail, for any reason to update Suns Up Spray Tanning Studio (Carolann Silveira).

I have chosen an industry respected spray tanning solution, which is less irritating to the skin. As you know a spray tan technician cannot always predict nor guarantee how your skin will respond to the tanning solution. I respectfully request that you initial below, hence releasing Suns Up Spray Tanning Studio (Carolann Silveira), of liability for any and all side effects that you may experience. I greatly appreciate you respecting my knowledge and expertise and supporting my business.

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